IW Trade solution was developed for comodity traders and allows effective management of finance and activities connected with goods purchase, store, transportation/tracking and selling.

List of main product features:

  • Detailed goods specification. Possibility to add any number of main/additional parameters. Possibility to specify goods characteristic tolerances when Deals are negotiated.
  • Managing of all information about purchases and sales per Deal including the following:
    • Deal participants (customers and vendors);
    • goods groups and categories by Deal with detailing to separate variants of goods;
    • additional expenses by Deal (storage charges, inspection, legalization, freight etc.);
    • Deal documents (quotes, orders, invoices, receipts and shipments etc.).
    • Deal simulation with a possibilty to change Deal certain parameters and check how other linked parameters change in result. I.e. change purchase options and see how sales options and price are changed. Possibility to organize Deal with unlimited number of parties. Costs and revenues planning including additional expense accounting.
  • In-transit goods position tracking during the whole Deal period from production of goods at factory of origin till goods are shipped to customer.
  • Plan-fact analysis by Deal results