Innoware developed a special module for Microsoft Dynamics ERP which allows bookkeeping and tax accounting according to the Ukrainian legislation. 


  • Tax accounting and bookkeeping in an international ERP-system
  • Integrated system for business management
  • Consistent with the Ukrainian legislation
  • Integrated with state certified e-reporting systems for local tax reporting
  • User actions tracking ("audit trail")
  • Updated when legislation changes
  • Microsoft Dynamics Platform
  • Available in the cloud


  1. Chart of accounts and analytics. System allows to set-up unlimited number of sub-accounts and analytics (dimensions).
  2. Non-current assets. Allows bookkeeping, tax and managerial accounting of non-current assets in the same system. Printing forms and reports according to the legislation.
  3. Payables and receivables. Accounting of payables and receivables for local and foreign contractors, calculation and accounting of difference in rates of currencies exchange. Posting of Customs Declarations for foreign trade operations.
  4. Cash. Accounting of cash and bank payments, purchase and sale of currency, payments schedule/payments calendar. Supported integration with banking software.
  5. Tax accounting. VAT calculation and posting in accordance with "first event" legislative requirement, VAT Invoices and Corrective VAT Invoices generation. Supported integration with certified e-reporting systems for local tax reporting.  
  6. Reporting. Allows to set-up Financial Statements according to the local accounting requirements.