LS Forecourt addresses all sectors, the Retail, Hospitality and Forecourt industries, in one solution. This fully integrated solution delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by all types of forecourt retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and costly interfaces. Its unique use of a single application to cover store to headquarters; the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back office functions required at head office, sets LS Forecourt apart from all other solutions in the market.

Price Management from Head Office. LS Forecourt offers wide variety of pricing structures. Service stations can be grouped together, for example geographically, and managed from Head Office. Stations can have different prices at a different times of the day. Price changes can be scheduled ahead in time and could therefore take place while the station is unattended in the middle of the night or at any given time. Grades can also have a different price for different service levels (Full service/Self service).

Forecourt Controller Integration. LS Forecourt has already been integrated with Dresser Wayne Fusion and Gilbarco Veeder-Root DOMS forecourt controllers. LS Forecourt has full control of pump operations – authorize, pause, stop, lock, unlock and for emergency stop/release for all pumps. LS Forecourt supports automatic reading of tank gauge information and deliveries. Automatic readings of pump volumes and pump amounts are supported too. This automation enables fast end-of-shift processing.

Item, Customer and Store Segmentation. Through LS Forecourt you can view the performance of individual stores or groups of stores. Likewise, you can view the performance of individual item categories and product groups.

  • The Top List report allows the viewing of top selling items, customers and transactions. As with the Sales History, it can be viewed based on different periods. It is also possible to sort results based on amount, quantity, discount amount or profit for fast visibility into business performance.
  • The Hourly Sales Distribution report gives you the possibility of viewing how your stores are performing within different periods of the day, with the option of viewing sales distribution based on POS, total income, number of customers, number of items, or average purchase amount.

Powerful Management Tool

Wet Stock Inventory. Transfer Orders for wet stock items (grades). Wet stock can be automatically replenished based on sales history or stock levels. Orders can be matched to deliveries at Head Office or Back Office.

Shift Management. The calendar day can be split into one or more shifts. Transactions can then be summarized and processed into statements for each shift. When transactions are ready, end of shift reports can be processed showing differences between sales reported by POS, Tanks and Pumps by volume or amounts.

Manual Operation Support. LS Forecourt enables manual entering of data that is not automated. Tank dip readings and delivery notes can be entered manually as can pump volumes.

Alerts and Reporting. Errors and alerts from Forecourt devices, POS and Back Office are collected to a single location accessible for further examination by the management through exception reports. LS Retail NAV has a wide variety of reporting options; by shift, day, month, year, fuel, non-fuel and many more.

InStore Management. LS Forecourt includes powerful back office functionality both in the store and at the head office. It gives the store manager total control of activities within the store and manages the replication of data between the POS terminals, back office and head office. InStore Systems functions are also replicated at the Head Office allowing decisions to be executed without delay.

  • Inventory Management that includes:  transfers, adjustments and write-offs, discrepancy management and stock takes via the till or handheld computer.
  • Staff Management including:  a full suite of functions to manage allocations, timetabling and time and attendance capture.
  • Remote Purchasing that:  allows stores to manage their own purchases as an alternative to centralized purchasing functions.

Purchase Order Processing. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Purchasing module provides forecourt retailers with everything they would expect from one of the world’s leading business applications including requisition management, returns management and drop-shipping functionality essential to any forecourt retailer dealing with direct delivery of big-ticket items.

  • Better Control: the InStore Management system allows you to perform cycle counts, merchandise out of stock and physical inventory, thereby getting better control of price offers, discounts and so on.
  • Eliminate Paperwork: InStore Management automates the station - virtually eliminates paper, saves time and money, increases accuracy and productivity, and the time and work of the personnel can be organized in a more effective way.
  • More Efficient Store: InStore Management will help you keep your stock on the shelves, your associates on the sales floor and your business competitive. This increases customer satisfaction as your station becomes more efficient and responsive. You also get better control over the return on your investment and can minimize stock.

Effectively Streamline

Empower Forecourt Retailers. InStore Management changes the way stores operate. It allows the control of operations through radio frequency (RF) technology, which was developed as a result of years of close collaboration with leading retailers.

Inventory Control. The InStore system provides your company with the tools to effectively streamline inventory control. The InStore Management system uses worksheets to specify the work processes by configuration. The user-friendly worksheet layouts all have a similar look to simplify organizing the many different processes. Worksheets automatically fill out transactions, which minimizes time-consuming manual data entries by the user, and guarantees that all entries are correct.

Replenishment. Right Product - Right Place - Right Time. As one of the main building blocks that underpins LS Forecourt, the allocation and replenishment features of this comprehensive merchandising solution will help you get the right product to the right place at the right time.

Excellence in Customer Service. Deliver Service with Excellence. Powerful inventory planning and management features help you deliver customer services excellence without committing valuable cash, space and logistics resources to unnecessarily high stock levels. LS Forecourt offers class-leading levels of flexibility and control so that no matter how you structure your business, LS Forecourt leverages the extensive built-in inventory management features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, powering the solution to the greatest advantage.

Fast Performance and High Return on Investment. As one of the main building blocks that underpins LS Forecourt, the allocation and replenishment features of this comprehensive merchandising solution will help you get the right product to the right place at the right time.