End-to-end retail solution. This fully integrated solution delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by large and small retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and inconsistent interfaces. Its unique use of a single application to cover store to headquarters; the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back office functions required at head office, sets LS Retail apart from all other solutions in the market.

LS Retail is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application.

Apparel and Fashion

With LS Retail NAV your HQ, back offices and POS terminals all share the same application and functionality.

In today's environment, fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable in order to thrive. There are many and ever increasing challenges in this sector. From long lead times in manufacturing and supply chain, bi-annual buying cycles, complex size color and style forecasting, multi-channel consumer expectations to in-store stock availability and customer service. LS Retail has addressed those challenges and offers a comprehensive solution for fashion retailers on top of Microsoft Dynamic NAV.


With LS Retail, you have control over your inventory and stock assortment in order to maximize your sale

Store formats around the world range from tight airport outlets to electronics and appliance superstores. Electronics retailers face the challenge of meeting high consumer expectations and utilizing space to provide the right selection of products. LS Retail offers features that respond to those problems and help businesses to maintain high levels of customer service whilst increasing sales and profitability.

Grocery Stores

LS Retail addresses challenges facing retailers in the Grocery sector for example managing multiple stores with short shelf-life products

Food retailers face many challenges today, from maintaining item lists to selecting the right products. The most common lost sales opportunity is products becoming out-of-stock, averaging at 8% industry wide and peaking to 16% during important product promotion periods. LS Retail provides up-to-date technology, which any  company, large or small, can use to increase its efficiency, minimize costs and maintain customer loyalty.


You have total control over your furniture store with the retail solutions from LS Retail. From custom builds, special orders, standard stock management to everyday fast moving household items, specialty furniture and home furnishing, retailers must be flexible and adaptable; customer-focused and provide competitive differentiation over mass merchandisers featuring low cost, low service offerings in the market. For that reason, leading furniture retailers need to provide exceptional service levels and have the supporting technological infrastructure to enable both customer and staff satisfaction in maximizing sales.