Microsoft Dynamics™ AX (formerly Microsoft Axapta) is an adaptable business management solution that enables you and your people to make business decisions with confidence. Microsoft Dynamics™ AX works like familiar Microsoft software, such as Microsoft® Office programs and Microsoft® SQL Server®. The result: You can build on the investments in systems and software that your company might already use. Moreover, the familiar working environment helps to lower learning curves so users can focus less on technology and more on their business goals.

Benefit from smooth implementation, customizations and modifications

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an all-in-one solution that can scale as your company grows. You can use the functions you need now and unlock additional capabilities as your needs change and multiply. With the MorphX development environment for Microsoft Dynamics AX, developers can design, edit and compile within a single screen-and have changes appear within minutes.

Easy to implement, customize, and modify

Provides the same version of code for Web and Microsoft Windows clients, which can lead to simpler, less expensive development and IT costs.

Because of the layered technology of Microsoft Dynamics AX, customizations can be easier to build and maintain. You can customize one layer without affecting the functionality of other layers. This means that you can adapt and upgrade your solution over time with less disruption to business, risk and expense.

Microsoft Dynamics AX works like familiar Microsoft software such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies, and Microsoft Office products. This means a reduced learning curve for your people, so they can start working quickly and focus on what's most important-doing their job and developing innovative solutions to help build your business.

Works well with your existing systems

Developed alongside other Microsoft software, Microsoft Dynamics AX can bring tighter integration. And more seamless connectivity between products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office programs and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Works together with different Microsoft-developed document formats that are used by Microsoft Office Outlook messaging and collaboration client, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office Excel software.

You can connect with external data sources by using Web services. These include such industry standard technologies as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Component Object Model (COM) integration, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Microsoft .NET Framework, stored procedures, XBRL, and XML.

Advanced technology supports your growing business

The three-tier, object-oriented architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates with other Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server, offering you high-speed server-side performance and the capability to scale your IT infrastructure easily, so the solution can grow with your company.

Unlike some business management systems that require you to use specialized tool sets, Microsoft Dynamics AX uses standard adapters based on SQL Server Reporting Services and the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development system. These adapters instantly enable you to access a wide variety of industry-standard integration protocols and trained integration partners. You can use these tools to connect to the business management solutions of your business partners.

Improve financial management to drive confident, smart decisions

Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a range of financial capabilities that can help you consolidate accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centers no matter where they are located. So you can make and act on confident, informed business decisions confidently. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps your people focus on their jobs by giving them access to accounting, reporting and detailed analysis at levels that are appropriate for their positions.

Operate or expand globally while automating intercompany trading processes.

RoleTailored design helps to meet individual user needs to inspire greater productivity. A task-centric interface customized to each user's preferences and role helps individuals focus on what's critical to their specific jobs.

Define and work with multiple financial dimensions that can help you divide data into categories for more detailed analysis. For example, you can analyze and measure financial data across cost centers, departments, regions, products lines, or other dimensions that you can create and customize.

Advanced query, available on demand, provided by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Report Builder, enables users to drag and drop data elements onto a design canvas to create reports that contain a list, a chart, or a matrix of related data. After a report is defined, employees can view and drill down into the report from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Report Builder, Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX, or by using any other tool that can display Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports.

Generate financial reports with flexible advanced reporting tools that offer multiple import and export options, including XBRL and hard copy. You can map your charts of account and dimensions into reporting structures that match your business model. Or you can aggregate figures into a framework for strategic analysis.

Conform to Sarbanes-Oxley and IAS/IFRS regulations by providing a single integrated information source that updates in real time and that maintains the relevant financial data required by regulators.