Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a comprehensive solution that allows you to automate and modernize corporate financial operations and processes, analyze performance, predict performance and make strategic business decisions based on real data.

With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, enterprise financial processes will become more transparent and manageable, which will reduce operating costs and minimize risks. Centralized financial reporting in real time for one or several legal entities and currencies makes it possible to improve financial flow management, optimize cash flow, and monitor the implementation of budgetary obligations in detail.

Thanks to flexible, pre-configured, chart of accounts and analytical dimensions, Dynamics 365 Finance solution easily adapts to changes in both local and global financial requirements, reduces corporate risks and satisfies all the needs necessary for the financial departments of large and medium-sized enterprises to work effectively.

The Dynamics 365 Finance solution provides deep integration of data and processes with applications included in Dynamics 365 and Office 365, being a centralized source of information that saves time, facilitates interaction throughout the organization, and also allows to make more informed decisions faster.

Using Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to:

  • monitor the financial condition of the business in real time, optimize cash flow, use key financial instruments to make strategic decisions based on unified financial statements, built-in analytics and forecasts;
  • unify financial processes, easily and quickly receive powerful financial statements, act in concert, quickly and efficiently, using workspaces based on roles, which are built-in interactive user-friendly data visualization;
  • increase business productivity through automation and prioritization of tasks. Saves time and minimizes the number of errors associated with the human factor. The use by employees of financial services, familiar to them, of integrated tools and applications, for example, Office 365, makes it possible to increase productivity and improve the quality of work;
  • minimize costs and optimize costs both in the company as a whole and for individual regions and / or business units, thanks to process automation, budget control, financial planning and analysis;
  • easily adapt to rapidly changing national and / or international financial reporting standards. Flexible customizable charts of accounts and analytics based on the rules built into Dynamics 365 Finance help you set up tax reporting, electronic invoices and payments, without the use of programming, and allow you to manage financial transactions both at the local and global corporate level;
  • receive flexible and timely financial statements for several legal entities and currencies in one deployment, which automatically processes foreign exchange transactions and speeds up the closing of the financial period.

Automate your global financial transactions with Dynamics 365 Finance.

Get maximum financial profitability with a modern application that allows you to monitor performance in real time, predict future results and make decisions based on data to stimulate business growth.

Our team has deep business expertise, industry and technical knowledge, many years of successful experience in implementing ERP projects, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Сhain Management) applications, and previous versions of the system (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012).

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