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Oleksiy Tyurin

Before making decision about the implementation of LS Retail, I spent a lot of time looking for a suitable system for our pizzerias. We found that the specifics of our business excludes most of the existing POS systems. We needed the system that allows to centrally accept orders for delivery, sell and account additional toppings for pizza, to implement a loyalty program in the desired form. The vast majority of systems did not allow to bring about significant changes in the configuration or make developing. LS Retail satisfied almost all our requirements, so we chose this solution for the project.


Anatoly Derkachov

The majority of Sportland network in other countries already work with of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, i.e. Sportland International Group AS made its choice in favor of this solution long ago. In Ukraine the question was only which company would implement the solution. We chose the software that could be easily used by employees of each store without involving technical specialists. For us LS Retail solution quickly turned into a necessary business management tool. In my opinion, the functionality of the system completely meets the needs of sports retail enterprises.

The implementation of such a complex project usually requires much more time. The implementation of another system could last several months, but Microsoft Dynamics NAV allowed us to meet the deadline.


Sergiy Vas'ko

In my opinion, one of the main achievements of the completed project is the raising of the level of project maturity, both of the line staff and of the management team. Undoubtedly, improving the quality of project management still requires considerable effort, but in this case, we are talking about moving in a specific direction, and the project methodology and technical tools help us in this.


Iryna Izmailova

Work with separated systems slowed down the banks performance and posed a threat to the plans for regional growth. As a result, it was decided to implement a single CIS (corporate information system) to automate the internal bank accounting and start a tendering process among suppliers for the best business solution. Innoware offered a business solution that completely covered the bank’s high requirements and could save time and effort through prompt implementation. In addition, the information system could be integrated with the banking operating system MidasKapiti. The implementation of a high-quality standard product from a global manufacturer solved the problem of non-transparency of IT costs.