HR management and payroll calculation solution

HR management and payroll calculation solution

Innoware developed a special Microsoft Dynamics ERP module for maintaining personnel records and payroll calculation according to the legislation.

Comprehensive human resources management
Supports complex payroll algorithms
Consistent with the legislation
User actions tracking ("audit trail")
Integrated with state certified e-reporting systems
Updated when legislation changes
Microsoft Dynamics Platform
Cloud enabled
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Personnel records
Supports human resources management processes - staff recruitment, adaptation, development and keeping personnel records.
Set up employees’ timetables, automated filling of the timesheets, convenient data editing and visualization. Time and access control systems interface is possible.
Payroll calculation
Flexible rates adjustments and automated calculation of payroll, bonuses, taxes etc. according to the legislation.
Personnel, managerial and regulatory reporting. Integration support with certified e-reporting systems for statutory reporting.

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