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Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)
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Customer relationship management systems (CRM)
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Solutions for accounting, payroll and human resource management
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Business solutions based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Office 365

ERP systems

ERP - enterprise resource planning system.

ERP system supports business management processes to obtain reliable company’s operating data in real time. It helps to track operational key performance indicators enabling quick decision making while ensuring competitiveness and improved business effectiveness.

Cloud technologies

Microsoft Azure і Microsoft Office 365

Azure is a protected cloud platform that reduces the cost of ownership of computing equipment by using cloud infrastructure.
Office 365 is a modern mobile productivity integrated services platform that helps create cloud environment for convenient work and enables efficient collaboration in teams.

CRM systems

CRM - customer relationship management system.

CRM system provides the opportunity to establish an efficient sales process and customer service. Embedded analytics tools help track the effectiveness of marketing activities, receive the latest information and provide better service to customers.

IW HR & Payroll

IW HR & Payroll – solution for payroll calculation, HR and timesheets management.

Solution covers all accruals and deductions in accordance with corporate policies, including complex algorithms of payroll calculation.

Support from Innoware

Innoware support solutions - always ensure high quality and speed of service.

We provide support for Microsoft Dynamics including updates according to legislative requirements for bookkeeping and tax accounting, as well as prompt modification of customer’s business processes. Each customer has a dedicated manager, and our special ticket system ensure efficient handling of all support queries.