The vertical solution for distribution, developed on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, is designed for companies that buy, store and sell tangible goods.

A typical user of this solution is a wholesale distributor and manufacturers who sell their products directly. This solution helps to increase the collaboration efficiency of suppliers and dealers due to better quality of service – quick response to the requests, more competitive pricing, realistic shipping terms and so on.

Support of distributors’ complex organizational structure
Optimization of time for orders processing
Effective inventory and shipment management
Improvement of service quality
Multilanguage and multicurrency
Mobile ready
Ready for cloud
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Select business processes which ERP system should cover


Payments to suppliers, monitoring of debts, EDI- documents exchange, import of suppliers directory into the system, label and barcode printing, identification of unsold goods and their return.
Flexible price management, tracking actual sales margins, credit limits and clients’ debt management for all distributor’s units.
Allows to manage inventory flow between different warehouses, the provision of storage services for third-parties, stock control etc.
Allows to track goods, which came to the service center and support service business-processes (compensation, exchange, repair, return etc.) related to the customer or supplier.
Foreign trade
Supports export and import processes in accordance with supplier’s requirements and local legislation.
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