Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Automate the lead generation process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing – is a solution designed to automate the lead generation process. It enables your marketing team to easily find, qualify and develop potential customers, building and personalizing an approach to each of them, and transferring loyal, potentially ready-to-purchase customers to the sales department.

Dynamics 365 Marketing has a common platform integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales, due to which your marketing and sales departments can use uniform customer data, have the ability to view and analyze all information about communications with them, jointly develop marketing activities, analyze the effectiveness of actions leading to sales and as a result – to get more customers.

Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation allows:

Build long-term personalized customer relationships.
The solution allows your marketing department to find and attract more new potential customers through an omnichannel approach to interacting with the market. Seamless integration with digital telephony processes, chat bots, social networks, various product and customer portals, corporate websites – allows you to easily qualify potential customers, build seamless communication with them, anticipate their expectations, and significantly increase the conversion rate of potential customers to real customers.

Receive information in real time.
With built-in, consolidated sales and marketing analytics, the system allows you to make decisions based on real-time data. Analytical reports for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities, concise, intuitive, and visual dashboards that track your marketing department’s actions, performance and results allow the company top managers to make considered, reasoned, data-driven management decisions.

Easily scale and adapt your business to new realities.
A flexible, innovative modern platform allows you to easily customize and expand the geography of sales, connect new employees, new teams, new offices, and countries to work in the system, add any marketing channels, if necessary, integrate the solution with other systems, easily create and deploy mobile and web applications anywhere in the world.

Significantly increase your conversion rate.
The coordinated marketing and sales department work ensures the smooth exchange of information and data, helps to identify the most potentially promising channels and tools for communication with the market. This leads to a higher conversion rate, allows you to create an effective sales funnel, highlight the hottest leads among all, and first, work with them, keeping the rest of potential customers in a state of active expectation.

Natalia Chernova, the Chamber Head of Business Development Department:
«Innoware has proven itself as a reliable partner in the implementation of the tasks set to support and develop our CRM system. Processing of requests is carried out using the Service Desk, which allows us, as a Customer, to see the current status, planned terms of the solution and a complete history of work for each request. Innoware is a truly competent and qualified partner that ensures the reliability of our CRM, and we plan to continue to cooperate with the Innoware team to support and develop the system further».
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After September 1, 2023, existing customers can remain and renew on the standalone licensing model for another contractual cycle. This renewal must be made during the transitional offer window that will run through September 1, 2024, with a final contract maturity date that can’t extend beyond September 1, 2027. At the end of the renewed contractual period, customers will need to transition to the new Customer Insights licensing.

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Find and qualify leads, build business relationships, and create new opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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