IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service

IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service solution is developed by Innoware team based on Microsoft services and is created to simplify work with a large volume of documents by creating an AI model for analyzing and automatically processing several types of documents and entering the necessary information into the ERP or CRM system, or a document flow system.

The use of AI to automate workflows is gaining popularity among businesses. By customizing the AI model for your document types and business processes, you can save time and effort that you invest in routine work, and in return you can pay more attention to strategically critical issues and business development.

IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service solution is developed based on AI for:

– machine recognize, analyze and automatically process the required data in various document types – invoices, receipts, contracts, paper documents and their scans, PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets and others;

– categorizing invoices, or your document types, if they meet the requirements – have standard forms, key phrases;

– adding meta-data and automating based on that data;

– automatically entering the data into a record-keeping or CRM system;

– further processing of entered documents, such as determining retention periods, approval routing or payment decisions.

Typical users of IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service are finance departments, accounting departments, or any other departments with a large document flow that work with paper documents or their scanned copies.

Advantages of IW Recognizer Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service:

  • Recognize both printed paper documents and handwritten documents;
  • Intelligent machine automation of processing a large number of incoming documents – invoices, delivery notes, receipts, contracts;
  • Automatic entry of received data into accounting and CRM systems, or document management systems;
  • Increasing the speed of document processing by hundreds of times;
  • Continuous improvement and training of the AI model for the client’s processes and document types;
  • Reducing the likelihood of human error and delays;
  • Availability 24/7, around the clock with no need for rest breaks or time off;
  • Scalability – can process any number of documents simultaneously.

If your company faces the challenges of processing large volumes of documents such as invoices, contracts, receipts, reports, invoices, insurance policies and contracts, IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service is the best investment in the future of your business.

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