Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Full cycle of work with customer assets maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service simplifies the customer service teamwork by making service requests a strategic advantage for your company. The solution offers a full cycle of work with customer assets maintenance: from optimized planning to proactive maintenance.

Built-in analytics helps to ensure consistency and reliability by predicting, detecting, and resolving service issues before your customers even figure out the issue, and enables you to plan costs and optimize resources by sending your technical team on time, where they are most needed at the moment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service – a multifunctional solution that will grow and develop with your business. This is not only a set of accurate, convenient tools for high-quality work of the service department, it is an opportunity to increase customer loyalty and trust in your brand, build an inextricable communication with customers, and get even more income.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can create a unique customer relationship story that covers multiple communication channels to maximize your employees’ performance, exceeding and anticipating customer expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service implementation gives opportunity:

To see a 360* view of your customers.
All customer service department communications will be transparent and organizationally concurrent with the sales and marketing departments.

To manage assets and equipment effectively.
By connecting Dynamics 365 Field Service to your corporate ERP system, you can synchronize all financial and production data, get the ability to effectively track and manage assets, including warranty service, service, and technical support. Your specialists will be able to perform asset audits on time, will see the entire history of communications with the client, will have access to the entire history of requests, all costs associated with this client, and will be able to easily calculate the final cost of support for each asset of each client.

To diversify customer interactions.
Portals dedicated to working with clients provide 24/7 communication. They allow clients to be more independent, make the work with the service department more modern and convenient. Using the portal, your customers will be able to independently monitor the service agreements accomplishment, will have access to answers to a number of questions related to the assets’ operation and maintenance, will be able to form a service request and track the status of its completion.

To manage knowledge base.
The system collects and stores all the information that allows your service department to do its job efficiently, namely: product manuals, technical support documentation, training videos on the maintenance of certain assets, a number of internal documents related to safety regulations, etc. The knowledge base can be accessed by both support representatives and field technicians.

To manage service orders.
Dynamics 365 Field Service allows one-click creation of service orders received from a wide variety of communication channels: email, CRM systems, customer portals, social networks, etc. When forming an application, a specialist of the service department can easily and quickly track the compliance of the application with the SLA (Service Level Agreement), issue an invoice, check the components necessary to complete the ordered work availability in the warehouse, in real time receive feedback from a team of specialists who will perform this task: do they have all the resources to provide high quality services in the field.

To plan resources optimally.
The solution allows you to automatically plan the work of field specialists, considering skills, location, workload, etc. Convenient and visual planning panel with the ability to “drag and drop” and sort the received requests, taking into account their level of importance, right on the interactive map, makes it possible to visually track each field employee’s loading within the framework of a single workflow, and allows you to send the appropriate specialist to the location of the client’s asset on time. At the same time, the system will automatically develop and propose the optimal route, plan in advance the time allotted for the task, etc.

To purchase the necessary inventory and spare parts on time.
The service team receives in real time all information about the spare parts that are in stock, and, if necessary, can easily and timely order the necessary parts directly from Dynamics 365, linking the purchase request to the customer service agreement.

To use any device to access the system.
All data in Dynamics 365 Field Service is deployed and stored in the cloud. The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any device that supports Android, iOS, and Windows.

Business analytics.
Built-in business intelligence provides basic review and monitoring of customer assets, including average work time and / or productivity, down to the final details. Allows you to track and analyze your customer service department key performance indicators in real time and enables you to make decisions based on real data.

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