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Optimize production processes

Optimize production processes

Track production progress in real time, from accurate delivery times to reduced costs. IoT technologies make it possible to prevent equipment malfunctions, minimize downtime, improve the quality of products, increase production volumes, as well as improve staff productivity and reduce the number of errors associated with the human factor.

Modernize warehouse management

Modernize warehouse management

Procedures based on Machine Learning technologies allow you to set up orders and groups of orders, optimize the use of warehouse space and equipment, as well as streamline staff activities in different parts of the warehouse. Built-in analytics allows you to speed up processing warehouse orders, such as inventory, reservation, placement, picking, etc.

Maximize asset life

Maximize asset life

Significantly extend the service life and improve the overall performance of equipment through the use of modern intelligent technologies (IoT, MR).

This makes it easy to plan, predict and timely perform preventive and corrective maintenance of company assets.

Manage complex supply chains

Manage complex supply chains

Integration of all sales and procurement processes with logistics, inventory management, production, warehouse and transportation. Enabling full transparency of complex supply chains, as well as provides the necessary flexibility to reschedule production in real time in accordance with dynamically changing demand.

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Asset Management
Allows you to effectively manage and perform tasks related to the operation and maintenance of various types of equipment: technological, engineering, production, vehicles, etc.
Supports almost all types of industry.

Cost management
Allows you to work with the assessment and accounting of raw materials, unfinished goods, finished goods and work in progress. This is the process of defining, managing and reporting required for inventory control and production accounting.

Inventory Management
The main goal is to ensure that goods are in the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time to meet the needs of the enterprise. Maintains the continuity of logistics and technological processes at a minimum level of costs associated with the formation and management of various types of stocks throughout the entire supply chain.

Master planning
Enables you to identify and balance the need for raw materials and production capacity to achieve company goals. For example: What raw materials and production facilities are currently available? What raw materials and production facilities are required to complete production?

Procurement management
Encompasses the entire procurement process, from identifying the need for certain products and services to purchasing a product (service), actually receiving it, creating invoices and processing payments to suppliers. Procurement processes can be customized according to specific business needs by defining procurement policies and workflows.

Product Information Management
Works with key product characteristics, categorizations and identifiers across all legal entities, as well as specific product configurations to ensure they align with company business processes.

Production Management
Interconnected operations make it possible to build business processes to optimally and fully control the production process: from planning to shipping and field service. Real-time control helps to track production progress, form the exact timeline of particular production operation and optimize costs. The system can simultaneously use several production strategies, including configuration and assembly to order, production to a warehouse, as well as use different mechanisms for managing production operations.

Transport management
Allows you to manage the company's transport fleet and consistently solve problems: transport choosing, determining the place and method of transshipment of goods, forming routes for fulfilling incoming and outgoing orders, monitoring and managing transport movement during the goods delivery along the entire logistics chain.

Warehouse management
Provides flexible ways to customize warehouse organization for optimal use of storage space, saving employee time, as well as creating unique working conditions for a specific item, if there is such a need. Has the ability to maintain a detailed multi-level warehouse topology, which allows you to instantly determine item location, understand the quantity in stock and free stock. As a result, the exchange of information between the purchasing department, warehouse and sales department occurs at lightning speed.

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