Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

With Dynamics 365 Human Resources HR managers are provided with a number of instruments that help easily find, attract, develop, motivate and retain specialists.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (Dynamics 365 for Talent) is a comprehensive cloud solution that enables the use of up-to-date digital technologies to build effective teams and create ideal workplaces.

The solution enables quick “closing” of standard administrative tasks related to legislative compliance of HR processes, thus providing employees with an opportunity to focus on strategic HR goals, invest more efforts in the improvement of efficiency and increasing staff loyalty to the company rather than routine operations.

Use of Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides an opportunity to:

Take care of convenient accumulation, updating and management of knowledge on each employee of the company:

  1. Detailed employee profiles including career, skills and hobbies data facilitate communication while helping to accelerate employee transition in a new job.
  2. Special self-service modules provide employees with an opportunity to fill/update their profiles themselves, take training, track performance, add vacation requests, compensatory leave, etc.
  3. Workgroup performance data help managers optimize team results address potential problems quickly and easily.

Optimize HR programs:

  1. Company-wide automation of compensation programs are adjusted on the basis of set criteria, both for a single specialist and for teams/offices/countries;
  2. Transparency and optimization of internal HR-processes in compliance with legislative requirements and seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Finance enables approving budgets and tracking of HR-related operating expenses;
  3. Use of LinkedIn Talent Solution for comprehensive management of employee hiring provides an opportunity of quick search of the best candidates.

Increase company flexibility:

  1. Use of Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables scaling business easily, adaptation to new tasks while connecting to the company’s existing corporate management systems;
  2. Administration, which clearly reflects organizational structures, hierarchies, and job descriptions, provides an opportunity to streamline organization processes and redesign them quickly, where necessary;
  3. Secure solution that meets legislative requirements for human capital management developed on the basis Microsoft Azure allows increasing and effective tracking each employee’s business results;
  4. Intuitive configurable system interface enables personalizing a workplace, adding/masking/changing fields, and sharing these changes with colleagues.

The use of the solutions, which are part of Microsoft Power Platform, provides an opportunity to configure and extend Dynamics 365 Human Resources easily and single-handedly.

Use HR analytics:

  1. Built-in analytics allows taking informed decisions based on accurate up to date data;
  2. Use of monitoring panel Microsoft Power Platform provides an opportunity to plan HR processes, analyze and visualize the information received;
  3. Tracking of staff performance indicators in real-time mode and incentivizing the most successful and energetic employees based on the data received. This contributes to development of collaboration culture based on records and analysis.

The system covers the key processes of talent management concept and talent pool development.

Employees get exceedingly more concerned about their personal performance and ownership in the company’s success.

This means that employers must solve several strategic tasks related to staff development and retention: increasing engagement in the company’s processes, building individual career development plans, investments in each team member’s wellbeing.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources solution HR professionals get the tools that help uncover each employee’s potential, control, and stimulate his/her professional development, including monitoring of individual performance indicators and achievements, profiling skills and competences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources can be used as a separate independent product or as a module of ERP system.

State-of-the-art technologies support integrating the solution with other ERP modules, which provides an opportunity to use a single base to manage all of the company’s units and offices. This helps speed up operations and prevents data mismatch.

Centralized HR management
Built-in instruments of personnel control, assessment, and performance
Placement in a cloud
Accessibility from anywhere on the globe, from any device
Quick scalability
Multilingual interface (supports over 40 languages)
Seamless integration with ERP, СRM and other Microsoft Dynamics 365 products
Centralized and local corporate training
Automation of compensations program according to the set criteria
Optimization of internal HR processes
Availability of industry-specific templates
User-friendly and visually compelling forecast analytics


Analysis of efficiency
This gives the ability to transform analyze and visualize information about employees on different windows in real time. This is accessible on any platform for the analysis of the efficiency of employees work and tracking of certain achievements.
Analytics and reports
It contains the module ‘Attract’ which allows for the creation of vacancy profiles, the search for new candidates and the hiring of new employees. It also activates the ability to access profiles in LinkedIn for applications to open vacancies and for communication through the portal, this guaranties clarity in every step of the process.
Integration of Employees
Allow for the creation of personalized processes for the integration of employees. It activates the ability to hand out a plan of the office, public transport information and other possibilities for socialization among the team.
Evaluation of Employees
The system gives the ability for supervisors to leave reviews about the work of the employee allowing an effective dialog with the team. The use of performance logs is available as well as reviews that appear in real time and the ability to set goals, provide group reviews, proficiency evaluations and the creation of advice for career growth.
Teaching and growth of Employees
It contains employee achievements, control of their certification and recommendations for additional training. The stimulation of professional growth is achieved with the help of adapted processes for every position which describe skills and competitions necessary for growth, development and promotion.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources licenses

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