Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

High level of customer service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution provides a high level of customer service by delivering comprehensive, consistent support services delivered through selected communication channels, regardless of the customer's location.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service unifies the process of customer interaction with the company, providing a unified approach and the expected level of personalization. Allows the client to independently receive answers to questions using self-service portals with a knowledge base, a search function and a platform for communication with both other clients and consultants and experts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation allows:

Significantly increase customer loyalty and retention by building personal and long-term relationships with each of them.
The solution provides an omnichannel approach to customer service, thanks to seamless integration with digital telephony processes, chat bots, social networks, various client portals, and corporate websites. Allows you to easily communicate with customers by providing support services through the channels that customers most demanded.

Improve service level and responsiveness to requests.
A unified, intuitive and flexible customer data platform (CDP) allows each employee to see the entire history of customer relationships, including information about needs and habits. Based on this data, the system automatically suggests possible scenarios for interacting with him.
All company specialists, including specialists of the first line of support, can quickly and competently respond to customer requests, thanks to automated access to a database of predictable and recurring customer requests. 

Reduce the load on your support team.
The use of self-service portals allows you to bring communication with customers to a new, modern level, in which customers can independently find answers to their questions 24/7, use the knowledge base, search function, and, if necessary, use the portal as a platform for communicating with other customers, consultants and experts.

Grow and develop together with your clients.
Microsoft invests heavily in the innovation and technological advancement of its products, developing and adapting them to the modern business environment. All Microsoft applications are evolving in accordance with global best practices and trends.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution is successfully used to manage service structures that provide a wide variety of services: IT services, equipment repair, payment acceptance, medical services, trade services, administrative services, telecom operator services, etc.

Are you still using outdated technologies and ineffective systems to work with customer requests? Do your specialists, not knowing how to answer this or that request, transfer the client’s call to the “mode of eternal waiting for a specialist’s answer”? You do not keep statistics of requests, you do not know the number of satisfied with your services customers, but it intuitively seems to you that the number of customers is constantly decreasing?

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service will allow you to provide services of the highest level, will give you the opportunity to compete with leading market players, increase customer loyalty to your brand, provide tools and technologies that allow you to develop in accordance with global trends.

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