Terms of confidentiality

Personal Data Protection of

Innoware website users (visitors)

«Innoware Ukraine» Limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as Company and/or «Innoware Ukraine» LLC) under the current Ukrainian legislation informs you about the procedure of personal data processing and rights of personal data subjects.

«Innoware Ukraine» LLC provides processing and personal data protection of physical entities in compliance with the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine «About personal data protection», the other laws and legislation acts of Ukraine, the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data and the international treaties of Ukraine.

General concepts and scope

Company does not collect users (visitors) personal data (hereinafter referred to as website) without their consent.

Personal data is collected at the moment of its provision by the individual by means of filling in the special form on the website.

By filling in of the form, the visitor (user) confirms to be informed about his personal data being added to the base of personal data, about his rights stipulated by the Law of Ukraine «About personal data protection», about the purpose of data collecting and about individuals to whom his data being transferred.

Collected and processed personal information includes the following:

  • Surname, given name and patronymic;
  • Contact information: address, telephone, e-mail address;
  • Subject of a request to «Innoware Ukraine» LLC;
  • Date and time of filling in the form.

The purpose of personal data collecting and processing

The purpose of Company website visitors (users) personal data processing is to establish relationships with potential users (buyers) of the Company’s products or services, to provide them with consulting on particular matters, and also to conduct Company’s products or services surveys, to receive feedbacks about such products and services, to share the latest news about products or services, to conduct advertising and other similar activities involving personal data processing, which occur during economic activities carried out by the Company.

Rights of individuals who provide their personal data

  • to know about data collecting sources, location of their personal data, purpose of their data processing, place of residence (abiding place) of the owner or manager of the personal data or to charge authorized persons with receiving of this information, except cases fixed by law;
  • to receive information about personal data access providing conditions, in particular information about third parties to whom his/her personal data being transferred;
  • to access his/her personal data, in other words, to receive any data about himself/herself from Company at the request and subject to provision of the information stipulated by the Law of Ukraine «About personal data protection», except cases fixed by law;
  • to receive a reply about whether his/her personal data being processed not later than 30 calendar days upon receiving the request and also to receive substance of such personal data;
  • to submit a reasoned request to the personal data owner with the objection to process his/her personal data;
  • to submit a reasoned request concerning the change or erasure of his/her personal data by any owner or manager of the personal data, if these data are being processed illegitimately or are invalid;
  • to have his/her personal data protected from illegitimate processing and accidental loss, erasure, damage in view of intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision, and also to be protected from providing invalid data or data that discredit honour, dignity and business reputation of the physical entity;
  • to address with complaints about processing of his\her personal data to the Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2/8 Instytuts’ka street, Kyiv, 01008, Ukraine, tel.: (044) 253-75-89; 0800-50-17-20) or to the court;
  • to use means of legal protection in case of violation of legislation about protection of personal data;
  • to introduce warnings concerning limitation of right to process his/her personal data when giving a consent;
  • to know the mechanism of the automatic personal data processing;
  • to be protected against an automated decision which has legal consequences for him/her;
  • other rights stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Disclosure of information about personal data to third parties

Company doesn’t transfer personal data of users to third parties, except cases fixed by the current legislation of Ukraine (for example, requests of law enforcement authorities).

In such cases, transfer of personal data to third parties is made without receiving of additional written consent and separate notice of the physical entity – personal data subject.

Storing of personal data

Company keeps the personal database in electronic format. Company maintains processing of the personal data during 50 (fifty) years, if the other procedure isn’t stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine or if the Company finds it’s not necessary to process personal data anymore.

Use of Cookies

Company’s website uses cookies, which are necessary for its functioning. Cookies consist of sequence of letters and numbers, that server saves on user’s computer when he\she enters the website. Cookies cannot be used as a code or for virus expansion and cannot give the Company access to user’s computer. By using this website, the user gives his/her consent to use cookies for adaptive authentication (AA), which provides the procedure of entering the website.

Contact information

Should any questions arise, please, feel free to contact the Company using the following contact details:

«Innoware Ukraine» LLC

EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations) code 37401803
Address: app. 4. 2/37 Leiptsyz’ka street, Kyiv, 01015, Ukraine


Dmytro Popinako
Tel.: +380 44 490 22 20

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