Financial consolidation

Innoware corporate data consolidation solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Innoware adhere to the reporting to the Ukrainian accounting standards, and further preparation of consolidated reports in accordance with customers reporting policy or IFRS.

This is crucial for companies that have a branched or holding structure, especially if the branches and offices maintains accounting in different currencies. Innoware solution allows the management and business owners to receive comprehensive and reliable information about the holding simplifying decision making.

Corporate reporting, which is trusted by auditors
Unlimited number of analytical dimensions
Prompt and accurate information to support decision making
Audit Trail
Reduced time and costs for reports preparation
Conversion of accounting data in the corporate currency
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Select business processes which ERP system should cover


Collection and transformation
Accounting data can be sent from the branches for further processing. Flexible settings of data transformation support consolidated financial reporting in accordance with requirements of the Headquarters.
Intragroup calculations
Intercompany transactions are recorded and maybe included as part of corporate reporting.
A comprehensive analysis based on an unlimited number of parameters and analytical dimensions.
Automatic generation of management reports on pre-defined rules for each branch separately, and consolidated reporting for all or definite branches in the required currency.
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