«1S», «Parus», «Galaktika», «Bitrix 24» will be under sanctions until 2033

The Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 15.04.2023 No. 227/2023  enacted the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated April 15, 2023 “On the Application and Amendment of Personal Special Economic and Other Restrictive Measures (Sanctions)”.

Thus the  sanctions were imposed against a number of russian IT companies that develop, popularize and   distribute business automation software, in particular: «1S», «Parus», «Galaktika», «Bitrix 24» and others. Also, russian integrator companies including Korus Consulting, Borlas, Sitronics, Softline Trade, I-Teco, Softline Trade, Lanit and many others received sanctions.

The sanctions include blocking access to companies’ web resources and services, blocking assets, complete suspension of the trading operations, ban on the transfer of technologies, intellectual property rights, etc. 

Regarding the 1S software product, Appendix 2 of the relevant Decree includes LLC “1S” (Moscow). Among the types of restrictive measures against this company and the software it develops are ban on public procurement of goods, services, works  and  the use of the  software products 1S by state enterprises, institutions and organizations of Ukraine.

The ban on the use of sanctioned russian accounting systems in Ukraine does not yet apply to private enterprises, but given  the risks posed by the use of software by the aggressor country by businesses,  we, as a company specializing on the implementation of modern systems for business management for more than 20 years, recommend not to waste time and choose an alternative solution to change 1S right now
We suggest paying attention to the  unique, pre-configured cloud package solutions developed by our team, which allow to switch from russian accounting systems to business process management and accounting in the international ERP-system Missrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in a few days. Solutions from Innoware are fully adapted to the legislation of Ukraine.  

You can learn more and choose the solution by the link.

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