Client references

Client references

Nataliya Chervona

Innoware has proven itself as a reliable partner in the implementation of the tasks set to support and develop our CRM system. Processing of requests is carried out using the Service Desk, which allows us, as a Customer, to see the current status, planned terms of the solution and a complete history of work for each request. Innoware is a truly competent and qualified partner that ensures the reliability of our CRM, and we plan to continue to cooperate with the Innoware team to support and develop the system further

Chamber Head of Business Development Department

Dmitriy Ganzhelo

«When choosing a solution, there were extremely important indicators for us such as: modernity and flexibility of the platform, openness for integration, scalability and ability of a quick launch of the system. The adaptation of our specialists to work in Dynamics 365 Sales and to the functionality of the system was quite easy, the solution turned out to be quite ergonomic and convenient for the end users.
With the implementation of Dynamics 365, interaction with customers has been greatly simplified: we react much faster and more efficiently to their requests, which helps to maintain a high level of service and constantly increase customer satisfaction of cooperation with our company.».

CEO at InDevLab

Volodymyr Pashko

We have chosen Місrosoft Dynamics 365, focusing on the capabilities of the platform for solving our current tasks, but not limited to them. We started with sales automation and plan to expand the system with new modules, respectively, to automate other processes within our company.


Oleksandr Valkovanyi

We decided to look for an ERP system that would allow us to support and manage information about business processes and provide for the general management of the company. We opted for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations cloud solution. When choosing a partner for the implementation of Dynamics 365, we relied on the recommendations of companies that had experience in implementing an ERP system – Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO and also involved our key specialists in finance, production and logistics. As a result, we chose the Innoware company, who has really great experience in implementing ERP-systems in similar projects. The implementation of the Dynamics 365 FO was divided into 2 stages. Each of the stages covers all the main business processes of the company: finance, production, sales, supply, logistics. At the first stage, the basic functionality of the system was implemented – finance and accounting, procurement, basic production supporting functions, inventory management and sales. In the second we should adapt the system’s advanced functionality of production master planning, and extend the use of other sophisticated features. Currently, the first stage of the project is in the final stage – undergoing testing by our Key Users before going live. The launch of the system is scheduled for May 2020.

IT Manager, Mirai Intex

Anastasia Usachоva

For the Finance Department this project is crucial in an attempt to increase the effectiveness of business processes, controlling functions, and accounting operations automation. We have already enhanced the quality of analytical information as a result of the first stage of the project, and it allowed us to get deep analysis of agricultural products purchase operations.

CFO, Kernel

Оleksandr Rachiba

The joint project team of Kernel and Innoware had an aim to take a fresh unbiased look at Kernel existed processes and find an opportunity to improve them. Thanks to new approaches, processes have become more efficient and controllable. For procurement activities, we integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV with KernelEDocs SharePoint-based workflow system, which allowed the company to automate the contracts’ creation, approval, digital signing, as well as their storage. As part of the payment management processes implementation, we optimized the payment approval workflows, and transferred their processing to the “Payments Factory” division, and as a result, the speed and quality of settlements with suppliers has increased. During the first stage of the project, we have developed our own implementation approach that will allow us effectively implement the next stages of the project and minimize risks.

Head of IT projects at Finance Department, Kernel

Maxym Guzhva

With the help of Innoware team, we have successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX as our main ERP-system. For the purpose to manage human resources and salary management colleagues from Innoware helped us to implement IW HR & Payroll solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. It is flexible solution that complied with Ukrainian legislation requirements towards HR and payroll calculation processes. Nowadays, the total number of employees at the plant is about 3 000 people, and IW HR & Payroll solution significantly increases the efficiency of work with personnel: it allows to conduct complex personnel management, payroll calculations taking into account the production specifics, and also to form all necessary tax calculation and statutory reporting.

CIO, Zaporizhtransformator

Evgeny Morozov

Microsoft Dynamics AX appeared to be the appropriate and functional ERP-system for our company in view of price/quality ratio. Innoware consultants demonstrated thorough and diligent approach to the analysis of our business processes. As a result, the solution we’ve got at the moment of launch completely satisfied us. The transition period to the work in the new system took us about three months. Six months later we adopted it in full. Due to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, we managed to solve the problems with unsynchronized and scattered data, including discrepancy in balance sheets and stock balance inconsistency. Now we are implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which will be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX. This will provide a single informational environment for the company’s business processes management and gives us numerous advantages that we could not get earlier.

Yevgen Morozov, Elcore Group Vice General Director

Askold Shestunov

The BigBoard group is the largest network operator of outdoor advertising in Ukraine. We work in 34 cities and place our clients’ advertisements on thousands of constructions. This involves special requirements to the quality and quantity of financial and management information necessary for decision-making. This information should be presented in a systematic, clear form and, of course, be available at any time. All this is provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0.

CEO, BigBoard

Frank Janas

IT is one of the most important factors of the professional management of modern business. It provides an opportunity to receive and correctly interpret the necessary data, understand the key driving forces of the business, as well as to increase the responsiveness to customer requests and changing market conditions. While choosing the ERP system, we stopped at Microsoft Dynamics NAV as this solution offers the optimal price-time ratio.

CEO, Zeppelin Ukraine

Lembit Lоо

The solution developed by Innoware on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail platform will be scaled in all new casinos of the “Olympic” network, which will allow us to realize our company’s ambitious policy and quickly launch new gaming halls in Ukraine.

General director, "Olympic Casino Ukraine"

Iryna Lysenko

Thanks to the implementation of managerial accounting, the company is able to correctly distribute costs, calculate the self-cost and profitability in various aspects, such as the divisions, projects, clients and even individual employees. Such an analysis provides objective data for assessing the effectiveness of personnel and help qualitatively change the holding’s motivational system. After the implementation, the company’s accents changed: data is now collected in all departments, that’s why timely reporting is not only the finance department responsibility now. This, in turn, provided the strengthening of the team work and the structure of the holding.

Financial director, ADV Group

Olexandr Slyusenko

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV system (former Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision) for medium business is optimal for the “cost-opportunity” ratio. In addition, NAV allows to be easily integrated with the SAP management system, which is used in our parent company in Slovenia. The main criteria for choosing the system supplier was the availability of localization that met the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and a successful experience of it’s implementation. We consider the project successful, completed within the budget and time, the results of which are already noticeable: the time for registration of orders, tax and financial reporting have been reduced, and the inventory system has been implemented.

Head of the IT department, Monis

Yuri Kushniruk

The main goal of the implementation was to minimize mistakes and inaccuracies that arise due to manual data input, to optimize the work of personnel and equipment in warehouses, to obtain complete information about the inventory and complexes load (utilization) at any time, and to track the changes that users make in the system. The new system allows to automatically generate reports according to specified criteria. Since we are part of a foreign company, this is especially important for us – the forms of managerial and financial reporting for the head office are built on principles that differ from Ukrainian. Now the necessary reports are formed in minutes.
Engineer of automated production systems, Rhenus Revival

Taras Prots

Our main criteria during the selection of the new system and supplier were operational reliability, functionality and guarantee of confidentiality of data access. The new solution should be integrated with our main banking system (the “operating day”), be adjustable according to the changes in the legislation easily and allow to manage the users access rights. IW HR&Payroll offers a solution to all these problems. In addition, an important factor was that Innoware solutions provide the ability to integrate with other banking products.

Head of Risk Control Department, HVB Bank Ukraine

Tetyana Chemerys

In the conditions of rapid business growth and increase the number of clients, the management needed to quickly and adequately assess the importance of each project for the company. Now, the system helps management to determine the priorities in the resources allocation. Due to the system implementation the company has the ability to quickly prepare different reports (corporate reports, managerial reports, user-designed reports).
Financial Director, GFK-Ukraine

Iryna Izmailova

Work with separated systems slowed down the banks performance and posed a threat to the plans for regional growth. As a result, it was decided to implement a single CIS (corporate information system) to automate the internal bank accounting and start a tendering process among suppliers for the best business solution. Innoware offered a business solution that completely covered the bank’s high requirements and could save time and effort through prompt implementation. In addition, the information system could be integrated with the banking operating system MidasKapiti. The implementation of a high-quality standard product from a global manufacturer solved the problem of non-transparency of IT costs.
Accountant, Raiffeisenbank Ukraine

Sergiy Vas'ko

In my opinion, one of the main achievements of the completed project is the raising of the level of project maturity, both of the line staff and of the management team. Undoubtedly, improving the quality of project management still requires considerable effort, but in this case, we are talking about moving in a specific direction, and the project methodology and technical tools help us in this.
Head of Project Management Office, OTP Bank

Anatoly Derkachov

The majority of Sportland network in other countries already work with of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, i.e. Sportland International Group AS made its choice in favor of this solution long ago. In Ukraine the question was only which company would implement the solution. We chose the software that could be easily used by employees of each store without involving technical specialists. For us LS Retail solution quickly turned into a necessary business management tool. In my opinion, the functionality of the system completely meets the needs of sports retail enterprises. The implementation of such a complex project usually requires much more time. The implementation of another system could last several months, but Microsoft Dynamics NAV allowed us to meet the deadline.
General Director, Sportland Ukraine

Oleksiy Tyurin

Before making decision about the implementation of LS Retail, I spent a lot of time looking for a suitable system for our pizzerias. We found that the specifics of our business excludes most of the existing POS systems. We needed the system that allows to centrally accept orders for delivery, sell and account additional toppings for pizza, to implement a loyalty program in the desired form. The vast majority of systems did not allow to bring about significant changes in the configuration or make developing. LS Retail satisfied almost all our requirements, so we chose this solution for the project.
Owner, Mamamia pizzerias

Oleksiy Suchkov

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a strategic step that will provide the potential for further active growth of our company. The realized project allowed us not only to solve the urgent tasks of consolidated company management, but also to simplify significantly the daily tasks of my colleagues in the central and regional offices. Now all the company’s operations are at hand. This will allow us to accelerate decision-making, build short-term and long-term forecasts and monitor the achievement of goals set in real time.
Project manager, "headtechnology Group"

Maksym Guzhva

While choosing the supplier, we took into account that Innoware successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 for ZTR earlier, and our specialists were familiar with both Innoware ‘s approach to the project implementation and with the project team. We are pleased that together with colleagues from Innoware we achieved two goals, that were set. The main goal was to implement a tool for sales and service management and additional one was to upgrade to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. In the future, we see a number of the projects to improve enterprise management with the functionality of the new version, for example, we want to implement budgeting and shop floor management. We are also plan to extend the system to other enterprises of our group.

CIO, Zaporizhtransformator

Svetislav Budich

We were pleased with the cooperation with Innoware, and now we can evaluate the benefits of personnel accounting and payroll in IW HR&Payroll system. LEONI Wiring Systems Southeast employs 800 people, and the calculation of salary before the implementation of the project was carried out manually. Thanks to the implementation of Innoware solution we have the opportunity to reduce the time for calculating salary and reporting, minimize the number of mistakes previously made by operators, and use additional functions: promptly reorganize teams and work schedules, account every minute of personnel work. This allows us to build the company’s business processes in the most effective way and finally become more competitive.
CFO, LEONI Wiring Systems Southeast

Grigory Skrypets

Due to the implementation of the new version of IW HR&Payroll, we have the ability to reduce the time of salary calculation, as well as the preparation of regulatory and internal reporting. The processes of company’s personnel records keeping, calculating salary and bonuses became less labor-consuming. I would like to emphasize the work of Innoware team: the project was carefully planned, the risks of the project were evaluated on time and appropriate actions were taken to eliminate them. Thanks to the diligent work of the project team from both Innoware and Leoni, we successfully implemented the project.
ERP system implementation project coordinator, LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH

Tetyana Blagodarova

The solution IW HR&Payrol for personnel records and salary calculation, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, significantly accelerated the process of calculating salary and forming regulatory reporting. We want to admit that Innoware provides excellent support of the solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which allows us to receive timely updates of functionality and reports in accordance with changes in legislation.
CEO, Zepter International Ukraine

Kseniya Ivanova

Innoware implemented an accounting system to organize and provide reporting on a holding company’s multiple businesses and their respective clients. Innoware created a workable solution and managed budget and timeline expectations well. Their post-implementation follows through and support have been appreciated more than anything else. Innoware was the best choice in terms of cost and product, according to our research.
Head of reporting and controlling, Group DF

Peter Jacob

Before deploying the manufacturing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we had to aggregate all the information regarding the components of our items and our inventory. Now, all that information is available within the system. We’re saving considerable time and are able to ensure that we produce the right amount of product, have the right amount of product in stock, and can give more accurate lead-time information to our customers. For almost 10 years, Innoware helps us to support Microsoft Dynamics NAV in our enterprises in different countries.
Corporate IT manager, Ahmad Tea

Mykola Strel'tsov

We highly recommend Innoware Ukraine, a specialist company providing complex implementation of ERP products. We would attest to Innoware’s high quality project management and a clear user friendly implementation methodology, as well as their ability to solve complex problems whileactively involving the company’s employees in the implementation process and assistance to overcome difficulties.
CFO, Interkabel Kyiv LCC

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