Adoption Change Management

Управление изменениями в организации

Innoware is a Microsoft Certified Partner with Advanced Adoption and Change Management (ACM) competencies that enable you to effectively manage change and adapt companies to implement Microsoft business solutions at all stages of the project, from assessing and analyzing your organization’s needs to end-user support.

What is Adoption Change Management?

It is a set of services, strategies and activities that support the successful implementation of adaptive change during project. Identifying needs of the business and readiness for new technologies, creating a roadmap for achieving key project performance indicators, developing change adoption strategies and implementing them are all integral parts of the ACM concept.

Innoware is a certified Prosci partner and uses the ADKAR model in its change management methodology. ADKAR is based on the following principles:

  • awareness of the need to change;
  • desire to participate and support change;
  • knowledge what to do during and after changes;
  • ability to recognize or implement changes as needed;
  • reinforcement of achieved results for future changes.

How change management services can help you achieve your goals?

The value of change becomes real only when the approach to business as usual changes. We support the evolution of an organization by defining clear boundaries within which change must propagate and engaging with all stakeholders at every stage of a Microsoft business solutions implementation project. Our services are based on modern Prosci methodologies and are supported by a qualified team of engineers. Change management service are divided into the following stages:

Collection of primary information:

  • identification of key change blockers, their influence and success factors;
  • providing better control over license management and deployment;
  • segmentation of end users and identification of behavioral changes before changes / new technologies.


  • providing business with the right amount of information at the right time;
  • developing of individual implementation strategies, training plan, conducting the necessary workshops for better user adaptation;
  • minimizing the impact of changes on user productivity, increasing interest in new technologies.


  • ensuring data integrity during migration;
  • monitor and troubleshoot deployment of Microsoft 365 business solutions;
  • reducing the number of requests for corporate support.

Change analytics:

  • providing continuous feedback in real time;
  • analyzing trends, problems and predicting the improvement of future results;
  • providing recommendations for optimizing future deployments.

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