We can migrate and modernize your IT or Server infrastructure,
applications, and data to create and maintain an agile cloud environment
for your business with support for rapid growth

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Innoware does the planning, migration, and optimization required so you can focus on core business tasks

Microsoft Azure offers hundreds of new features a month and endless
configurations — making management difficult to undertake alone.
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Fully Secured

Fully Secured

Security is critical for cloud services, and we are more than aware of this. With Azure real-time global cybersecurity intelligence, you can identify new threats and quickly respond with appropriate services. Azure also offers built-in controls and services for managing identity, data, networking, and app access.
Scalable and agile

Scalable and agile

Data usage can vary greatly from day to day or even hour to hour. We provide scalable and flexible solutions so you can adjust your computing power to match your needs, making it easy to ramp up for special projects or scale back during slower periods. You can also upgrade or remove services as needed, so you’re only paying for what you use.
Highly efficient

Highly efficient

We offer cloud cost management and optimization solutions to help customers get the most out of their cloud investment. Thanks to Azure specialized tools you can refine availability, performance, and security, and get tailored cost recommendations. Azure also offers cost-effective ways to manage and store infrequently accessed data for backup and archiving.
Unlimited accessibilityUnlimited accessibility

Unlimited accessibility

We provide workspace solutions with the ability to access desktops and applications from anywhere, on any device. This is crucial in our ever-growing remote world. Azure’s AI capabilities allow for conversations to be transcribed and translated in real-time, and also provide other features such as read-aloud capabilities and communication-centered design elements.

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Architecture Development in Azure
Business applications and Services deployment
Migration of applications and services, DBMS, and servers to Azure
Configuration of IAAS cloud infrastructure
Technical support for servers and IT infrastructure
  • Architecture development
  • Analysis of the existing architecture
  • Cost optimization
  • Architecture reliability and security assessment
  • Creation of a robust security perimeter for Azure infrastructure
  • Creation of a secure infrastructure according to PCI-DSS standards
  • Business applications and services deployment in Azure
  • Applications and services deployment, on-premises databases and servers in Microsoft Azure
  • Hybrid infrastructure migration solutions in Azure
  • Creation and configuration of an infrastructure in Azure
  • Windows Virtual Desktop connection (Azure AVD)
  • Creation of a secure Azure infrastructure security perimeter
  • Creation of a secure infrastructure according to PCI-DSS standards
  • Building a lab for development and testing
  • Azure Backup, a solution for backing up data and restoring it from the cloud
  • Ensuring Business Continuity with Azure Site Recovery Backup Data Centers
  • Migration of business applications and services to Azure
  • Migration of applications and services, local databases and servers to Microsoft Azure
  • Migration and configuration of hybrid infrastructure migration solutions to Azure
  • Migration of legacy versions of SQL Server, Windows Server to Microsoft Azure
  • Building hybrid infrastructure migration solutions in Azure
  • Creation and configuration of Azure infrastructure
  • Integration of on-premise infrastructure with Microsoft Azure services, building and configuring hybrid solutions
A test lab with the ability to conduct a pilot implementation of any service or system without risk to the existing infrastructure and without significant cost.

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Innoware has been working with Cloud services since Azure was born and we know firsthand the secret of Azure cloud project success.

Our team has fulfilled more than 100 Azure cloud projects for eCommerce, Professional services, SaaS, manufacturing, and distribution in East Europe and the USA.

Expert knowledge in Azure cloud solutions helped us to grow the team of certified Gold Cloud Platform, and Gold Cloud Productivity engineers.

We bring more than a decade of Azure expertise to your team, allowing you to reap the benefits of our long-standing Microsoft partnership and dedicated Azure product group. Simplify the decision process and accelerate your Azure implementation by partnering with Innoware.

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