An alternative to 1S in Ukraine is package solutions from Innoware

Business is the driving force of the economy and the victory we are all working for. Despite the current circumstances, the Ukrainian business is not just holding on, but trying to grow, enter new markets, use alternative energy sources, and be stronger than ever.

In the conditions of constant changes and unpredictable present, cloud ERP systems are becoming not just an important component for business management but are becoming a necessity. However, small companies are often not ready to invest in such technologies, saving money, and that is why they continue to use russian accounting software – 1S (sometimes called 1C) and BAS.

Our specialists have worked to change this situation. We offer small and medium-sized companies the best alternative for a quick and painless farewell to software, which for any reason, but especially for security reasons, needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Some of the factors we considered for the development of the proposal:

  1. The transition to new software requires significant investment, which now small and medium-sized enterprises cannot spend easily.
  2. Training employees and trying to work “in a new way” is a time-consuming process that takes time and effort.
  3. Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have professional consultants who will help transform business processes and/or adapt technologies to current needs.

The products we have developed in Innoware are based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform (formerly Navision and Microsoft Dynamics NAV). This software product is the most widespread ERP system in the world due to its reliability, developed functionality, flexibility, and ability to modifications and integrations with other systems. In our opinion, the cost of using this product is the most profitable among all available systems.

What is the value of packages based on MD 365 Business Central for small and medium-sized enterprises developed by our team:

  1. Affordable cost. Earlier the implementation price started from tens of thousands $, but now you can choose a package solution from $ 1,200 and cheaper. System implementation is a rather complicated process that requires a detailed study of business processes, information flows, and accounting. Also, it very often requires modifications of algorithms implemented in standard delivery from the manufacturer following business processes specific to a particular company. And the larger the company, the more effort is usually required for adjustments and modifications.

Since small companies usually do not need to configure all the features of the system, we have developed 3 package solutions with settings of the most popular functions for Ukrainian businesses.

What does it mean?

If your company wants to abandon 1S and is looking for a system exclusively for accounting and tax accounting, you can choose a package solution FINANCE.

Read more about all package solutions here.

  1. Quick implementation of the system.

Our solutions are ready to use immediately after purchase.
How does it work?
To make an ERP system work, it is not enough just to buy user licenses. Any system needs settings to start working on it. For each package solution, we have already preconfigured the system so that your team can work on it. But it’s important to note that the settings are made within the functionality included in each package. Therefore, you need to choose the package that best suits the needs of your business. And can always be made for specific business processes and requirements modifications.

  1. Convenient team training from anywhere.

One of the problems that prevent the transition to new software is the adaptation of personnel to work in the new system. This process is also included in our proposal.

Along with the implementation of the package solution, you get access to training materials with everything you need to master the new system. In addition, the price of the packages includes consultations from our experts who will quickly help you solve any question.

Also, it should be mentioned that there is always an opportunity to expand the use of very wide system capabilities and use functionality that is not involved in packages created for small and medium-sized businesses. If at some point you realize that you want to organize the management of new business processes, you can configure them according to the Microsoft developer’s documentation or contact Innoware for support.

The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central package solutions for small and medium-sized businesses are invaluable. They provide an opportunity for development using the tool used by the world’s leading companies and create a new, safe environment that will support development, in which there is no place for russian software.

Dmytro Popinako, Managing Partner at Innoware.

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