Innoware’s Participation at MAD Conference 2024

MAD Conference 2024, which took place in Warsaw on June 10-12, brought together over 300 Amazon sellers from 28 countries around the world.

Our colleague, Svetlana Fomina, Business Development & Sales, attended MAD Conference 2024. She listened to presentations and visited workshops, exchanged knowledge and experience with speakers and participants, gained practical skills, and was inspired by new ideas to stay on top of the latest e-commerce trends.

“It may seem that location determines opportunities and needs, but we live in an era of globalization and have the opportunity to go beyond what is available here and now. The main goal of my trip is to keep up to date on the latest working strategies and promotion channels that have already proven their effectiveness in different industries. In the past, when I was working with Amazon, I saw how working on this platform could enrich me as a business development specialist, so I continue to follow new trends and trends in e-commerce, the leader of which is undoubtedly Amazon,” – said Svetlana after the conference.

Key takeaways and action items:

  • Trends that will significantly impact the e-commerce market soon: Social Commerce and TikTok Shop.
  • Increased competition from China, which has reached a new level in marketing and using a systematic approach to business building in recent years.
  • Strategies, positioning methods and unique selling propositions that help strengthen market positions through partnerships with manufacturers and competitors.
  • Implementation of AI Assistants: brand integration into AI assistant recommendations on buyers’ phones.
  • Jobs to be Done: a powerful tool for making decisions about product creation and improvement.
  • New product launches: in-depth analysis and financial planning to ensure a successful launch.

The knowledge and new contacts gained at MAD Conference 2024 will allow us to:

  • Strengthen strategies: use AI for personalized recommendations, delegate business tasks to AI Agents. Implement new strategic planning methodologies.
  • Improve products: apply the Jobs to be Done tool to create products that really solve user problems.
  • Take financial planning to the next level: in-depth analysis and planning for the launch of new products to ensure a stable cash flow.
  • Expand markets: Japan and Canada.

MAD Conference 2024 was a great platform for knowledge and experience sharing, and we look forward to the next opportunity to participate in this event.

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