There are two days left before the “strategic retreat” in the information space… Bitrix24 will stop its work in Ukraine.

From June 1, 2023 Bitrix24 will be unavailable for Ukrainian users. The company officially announces that it will cease operations in Ukraine. “Access to portals will be impossible, all data will be completely deleted”, Ukrainian users of russian Bitrix24 software were informed.

Apparently, disrespect for partners and signed contracts is a national characteristic of russian business. russian software vendor Bitrix24, disregarding all its long-term contractual obligations, warned Ukrainian users in early May that the Bitrix24 CRM system would be disabled as of June 1.

This is another confirmation: The war is being fought not only on the ground and in the sky, but also in the information space. And these are not the first “gifts” from russian software vendors. So, what’s next? “Hard artillery” — blocking the quite common in Ukraine — 1C and BAS. What other “greetings” can expect Ukraine?

The convenience, availability and completeness of Bitrix24 are highly overrated. Successful sales management is possible without Bitrix24.

One of the modern alternatives to Bitrix24 is the CRM system developed by Microsoft — Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement — which consists of four cloud-based intelligent applications, the implementation of which allows automating the entire chain of communication with customers: from the creation of interest to the purchase and subsequent service maintenance. Each of the applications can be used as an independent solution or as part of a single, comprehensive CRM system:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Regardless of whether you are planning a CRM implementation from scratch or are looking for an alternative to Bitrix24, Innoware’s specialists will help you choose the configuration of the CRM system in accordance with your company’s business processes, guide you through the costs of the solution and provide additional necessary advice on implementation and support.

Included in the project you will receive:

  1. A high-quality, modern and undoubtedly world-leading CRM solution from Microsoft.
  2. The expertise of Innoware, based on more than 20 years of experience in implementing CRM and ERP projects.
  3. A unique project management methodology to achieve the desired results.
  4. A comprehensive set of project documentation describing the design of all customized business processes and user guides for successful system use and training of new employees.
  5. Qualified key users of the client — knowledgeable about business processes, ready to implement the system, develop it (within the standard functionality) and scale their knowledge.

If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) solution or get a quote for implementing a CRM system for your company, please contact us by phone:

+380 44 4902220 or write to: We will have time to transfer your data from Bitrix24 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

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