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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a customer relationship management system. This tool helps to attract new customers and build long-term relationships with existing ones by increasing the productivity of marketing, sales and service specialists.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries. The system can be located both locally, in a cloud or in a hybrid environment, which allows you to work in the most convenient way. Integration with other Microsoft products (Office 365, Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, etc.) allows to create an integrated information environment for maximum efficiency.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Ability to adapt according to the company’s needs and specifics
  • Convenient tools for data analysis
  • Ability to easily integrate with other Microsoft products
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Ability to work with mobile devices
  • Cloud enabled

Functionality Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

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