Implementation of IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service at Intempus Realty

Intempus Realty is a full-service property management company specializing in residential and commercial real estate management. Intempus provides professional real estate and mortgage services for clients looking to buy, sell, invest, build, rent or refinance real estate.

The company has been on the market for 19 years, has more than 1,000 employees in the USA and Canada, has more than 10,000 satisfied customers and more than 15,000 houses that have found tenants with their help.

Organizational prerequisites

Intempus Realty faced the problem of processing a large flow of non-standardized incoming invoices from the company’s employees, some of which were written by hand. The management was looking for ways to automate, because the process took a lot of time, there were many errors due to the human factor.


To simplify work with a large volume of documents, Innoware specialists developed and proposed the IW Document Flow Recognizer solution.

Innoware engineers developed and trained a custom model of artificial intelligence in a month.

IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service for analysis and automatic processing of various types of documents and entering the necessary information into the accounting system.


The implementation of IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service enables the company’s accounting department not to waste time on manual processing of incoming invoices. Today, the time of automatic processing of one invoice is 10-15 seconds, while an unlimited number of documents can be processed in parallel.

Thanks to the implementation, Intempus Realty specialists process about 1,500 invoices per month, transforming this process from labor-intensive to automated. The main convenience of the solution developed based on AI is that, at the request of the client, the model can be continued to be trained to obtain any necessary information from the invoice, as well as to automate the processing of any other types of documents.

With IW Document Flow Recognizer: AI Service, the company received:

  • intelligent recognition of both printed and handwritten paper documents.
  • intelligent machine automation of processes for processing many incoming documents – invoices, waybills, receipts, contracts.
  • automatic entry of received data into accounting ERP, CRM systems and other document management systems.
  • increasing the speed of document processing hundreds of times.
  • reducing the probability of errors and delays related to the human factor.
  • availability 24/7, around the clock without the need for coffee breaks or vacations.
  • scaling (can process any number of documents simultaneously).

Michael Hesin, CEO of Intempus Realty: “The collaboration between our teams was constructive and productive. This made it possible to meet all planned deadlines and budget. It was also important for me that Innoware specialists responded quickly to all requests and suggestions. I like the result and hope that this solution will significantly increase the efficiency of the document flow. Innoware has proven itself as a reliable and qualified partner.”

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