Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based service for managing user directories, identities, and authorized access to enterprise data, which provides unified control and management of identity services, combining the authorization, deployment, and monitoring of security policies.

The premium plan of cloud service has the functions of a full-fledged platform that easily integrates into the user’s business environment using hybrid interaction scenarios, development tools, various identification and security management tools.

Benefits Azure Active Directory Premium
High security access
Convenient Azure Domain Services management
Reliable user identity protection
Advanced security policy settings
Integration with Office 365, Azure, 1C, Salesforce and other popular applications
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Functionality Azure Active Directory Premium

Conditional Access
Automated access control solution for access to cloud-based applications. A conditional access policy is a user access script definition.
Identity Protection
Detection of potential vulnerabilities, setting up automatic responses when detecting illegal actions, monitoring and analyzing suspicious actions, implementation of measures to prevent threats.
Single sign-on
Implementing single sign-on capabilities on multiple SAML-based devices. (certification , setting up a domain and URLs of a particular application, etc.).
Multi-factor authentification and password protection
And multi-layered approach to authentication and unreliable password exclusion rules in both cloud and local environments to protect the confidentiality of corporate information.
Priveleged identity management
Administer, monitor, and manage accounts within the organization, including access to Azure, Office 365, and Microsoft Intune.

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