Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection

Cloud solution allows organizations to classify, mark and protect documents and e-mails.

Service provides constant and reliable protection of internal data any time – regardless of where they are kept or what they are published for.

Integrated tags and classifications move alongside with data, that allows to identify necessary information promptly.

Benefits Azure Information Protection
Complete data access control and management
Information protection on servers by means of cloud service
Information protection without reference to the storage place
Protected collective work
User friendly intuitive interface
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Functionality Azure Information Protection

Classification and marking
It allows to classify data and add labels while creating or changing them to identify and track confidential data quickly.
It is provided by means of documents’ encryption, identity and authorization policies and determining rights of data usage.
It allows to control actions in general files and cancel access in case of undesirable activity.
Service protects both individual data and your file servers completely as well as Exchange and SharePoint.

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