Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation at DONAU LAB UKRAINE

DONAU LAB UKRAINE, a leading distributor of laboratory and pilot equipment, as well as industrial analyzers in Ukraine and Moldova, has successfully completed the implementation of the cloud platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, which allows you to fully automate the sales cycle and makes it possible to work with each client as efficiently as possible.

In 2019, due to the active development of the DONAU LAB UKRAINE business, the company faced the task of automating the work of the sales department and building a unified system of interaction with customers – to build a customer management system in such a way as to be able to control all sales processes: from the first contact with the client to the equipment delivery and transfer to service department.

To solve these problems, the management of DONAU LAB UKRAINE needed a powerful platform for working with clients, which would replace the CRM system that was used in the company at that time.

To implement the project, it was decided to choose Mісrosoft Dynamics 365 Sales The main criteria when choosing a system were: the reliability of the proposed platform, flexibility, scalability, broad functionality of the solution, the ability to use other Dynamics 365 applications in the future.

The project started in January 2020 and was completed in June 2020.

The implementation assumed the maximum use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales standard functionality and minimization of programmable modifications.

Today, all information about DONAU LAB UKRAINE clients and transactions is consolidated in a single application. The company’s management has the ability to fully control the sale process at every stage, can assign tasks to employees and monitor their implementation. DONAU LAB UKRAINE specialists received convenient tools for accounting and planning activities and actions when working with clients, which made it possible to significantly simplify interaction with them. The company’s salespeople react much faster and more efficiently to customer requests, which helps to maintain a high level of service and constantly increase customer satisfaction


Volodymyr Pashko, Director LLC “DONAU LAV UKRAINE”

«We have chosen Місrosoft Dynamics 365, focusing on the capabilities of the platform for solving our current tasks, but not limited to them. We started with sales automation and plan to expand the system with new modules, respectively, to automate other processes within our company».

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