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Support of Microsoft Dynamics systems

Support of Microsoft Dynamics systems, photo

Innoware provides support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 after implementation ensuring maximum value from the system while being receptive to the changes in business environment.

We focus our efforts on reduction of system’s total ownership cost for our customers and help companies keep the system running to prevent interruptions in business activities.

Standard response time for support issues depends on the priority and varies from 4 to 16 hours.

We offer our clients several support packages, that include consulting via issue tracking system, by phone or e-mail.

Our support services include consulting, system set-up and development. All these activities are covered via our requests tracking web-portal and phone hot-line. If required consultants may work with customer on-site.

Support of Microsoft Dynamics systems, photo

Option "Ukrainian localization"

Support for companies that use modules for payroll, bookkeeping and tax accounting, developed by Innoware.

Support of Microsoft Dynamics systems, photo

Option "Fixed support"

Support within fixed amount of hours per month at fixed price, which customers can use for any kind of assistance (e.g. system modification, new reports creation, users trainings etc.)

Support of Microsoft Dynamics systems, photo

Option “Comprehensive support”

Support of any requests about work with the system. The cost depends on the number of requests and is calculated using hourly rates.

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