Solution for restaurant and hotel management

LS Nav Hospitality is a centralized management solution for a single restaurant or restaurant chain recognized by leading global companies such as Subway, PizzaHut, Hard Rock Cafe, KFC and others.

The solution supports all hospitality business-processes from order (in the restaurant, online, by mobile application or phone call) to checkout, inventory management, finance and bookkeeping, with a comprehensive analysis of activities.

LS Nav Hospitality increases the effectiveness of the available resources’ utilization (both human and material) and optimize costs due to the single system that covers all business activities.

Flexible and scalable solution
Integration with the in-store equipment
Optimization of costs and inventory
Reduction of losses and frauds among staff
Helps to increase the customers’ loyalty
Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform
Works on PC and mobile devices
Cloud enabled
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Select business processes which ERP system should cover


Supports different types of payment, includes discounts and special offers (promotions), including modification of standard receipts to meet customer needs.
Fast and effective orders and table management due to transfer of orders directly from POS to kitchen in the sequence that meets customer preferences. The system includes tables situation, registers bookings and checkout.
Call center
Manage order taking via call center, tracking order status, deliveries and payments. Integration with automatic telephone solutions.
Store and modify receipts, transfer order from POS to the specific kitchen area and cook meals in order. Order’s readiness is displayed at POS in the real time.
Centralized flexible adjustment of prices in a single restaurant or in the whole chain including different criteria (including promotions, discounts, competitive environment etc.).
Real-time tracking of stock levels, ordering products only when necessary, which helps to reduce waste and optimize costs.
Loyalty programs
Flexible adjustments of various promotions based on customers’ segmentation and orders history providing a unique service.
Planning of staff working hours (schedules, shifts), and analysis of personnel utilization. Integration with access control systems and automated timesheets generation.
Comprehensive analysis of business data including various criteria. For example, tracking the most popular meals or peak time of attendance (during the day, week or other period of time).
Flexible adjustments of transactions’ synchronization between stores and head office to receive actual sales and inventory replenishment data. The chain “head office – restaurant – POS” is able to work independently, thus the customers can be served even if POS is offline.

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