Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation at Innovations Development Lab

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation at Innovations Development Lab

Innovations Development Lab (InDevLab) is an IT and R&D center that specializes in the development of new IT solutions and cybersecurity for medium and large businesses. The company operates in the CIS market, Europe and the USA ones, the main office is located in Kiev.

In just a few years, the company has grown from a small team of professionals into a market leader, and in 2020 the leaders of InDevLab faced the question of the need to automate sales management with the further building of a transparent, centralized system of communications with customers.

To solve this problem, a powerful, modern platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales was chosen, which fully met all the requirements. And in its basic functionality there was already included the classic sales process.

To ensure one of the most important requirements of the project, namely: the need to quickly launch the system, it was decided to focus on the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales basic functionality and to minimize possible developments.

The project started in September 2020, and in November 2020, the customer’s specialists worked in the Dynamics 365 Sales application.

Today, the InDevLab team has a convenient, flexible, modern sales management tool, in which all information about potential and existing customers is consolidated, a complete and transparent work history for each of them is reflected, activities are recorded, the effectiveness of the work of managers is tracked, the contract signing process is optimized, the transfer of orders to the sales department is controlled.

Dmitriy Ganzhelo,
CEO at InDevLab

«When choosing a solution, there were extremely important indicators for us such as: modernity and flexibility of the platform, openness for integration, scalability and ability of a quick launch of the system. The adaptation of our specialists to work in Dynamics 365 Sales and to the functionality of the system was quite easy, the solution turned out to be quite ergonomic and convenient for the end users.
With the implementation of Dynamics 365, interaction with customers has been greatly simplified: we react much faster and more efficiently to their requests, which helps to maintain a high level of service and constantly increase customer satisfaction of cooperation with our company.».

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